Bleak Dystopia

PS4《Bleak Dystopia》中文奖杯列表

白1 金4 银10 铜26 总41 点数1230 10人玩过 容易  60%完美

Bleak Dystopia

白1 金4 银10 铜26 总41

#1 Plato's Republic

The unexamined life is not worth living!
83.00% 一般

#2 Teacher

Teacher sends you her kind memories.
88.70% 一般

#3 Fashion Designer

Wear your mercy.
90.80% 一般

#4 Tailor

Does the wound in your soul hold stitches?
90.30% 一般

#5 Salesman

Candy may remind of a good childhood, but with all the pains of the past.
89.00% 一般

#6 Scriptwriter

I can bear all this unhappiness with your ghost.
88.70% 一般

#7 Fisherman

Wealth is achieved with pain, kept with care, and lost with grief.
89.40% 一般

#8 Journalist

1940's witch cauldron.
89.00% 一般

#9 Police

Catch the criminal inside.
90.80% 一般

#10 Chauffeur

He is a war veteran without a uniform.
89.90% 一般

#11 Accountant

The world revolves around the inventor of new values
89.90% 一般

#12 Toymaker

Toy Soldiers :A pile of toys or a pile of people?
88.70% 一般

#13 Butcher

Nothing to lose, except for shackles.
89.40% 一般

#14 Worker

Once a worker, always a worker
91.30% 一般

#15 Activist

The best days to live are still in the future.
88.20% 一般

#16 Prosecutor

Case of existence.
89.20% 一般

#17 Radio Announcer

Make the difference you want to see in your world.
88.90% 一般

#18 Poet

You have a place in my heart no one else ever could have.
91.10% 一般

#19 Athlete

My dear son, I am a street for you, and sometimes the tree in the shade of which you sit every morning.
89.40% 一般

#20 Engineer

The loudest voice in the world is the absence of a child.
89.60% 一般

#21 Banker

Counting monies for the better good.
87.50% 一般

#22 Bureaucrat

While you are escaping from yourself, you caught yourself.
87.60% 一般

#23 Aerospace Engineer

Discover your own stars.
90.40% 一般

#24 Conductor

The melodic trains.
89.70% 一般

#25 Baker

The sneakiest weapons are baked in the oven.
91.50% 一般

#26 Librarian

This book is a call to action.
90.30% 一般

#27 Doctor

Victims of the doctors' conspiracy.
90.40% 一般

#28 Officer

Harmonica in the mailbox.
87.80% 一般

#29 Translator

Some tributes are unforgettable.
87.80% 一般

#30 Shoe Maker

These shoes will take you to a place where impossible doesn't exist
88.70% 一般

#31 Director

Adapting to life with fragmented values.
95.40% 一般

#32 Instructor

Darling, they are the enemies of hope.
88.20% 一般

#33 Adventurer

Mystical pleasure of a limitless adventure.
88.00% 一般

#34 Musician

The rhythm of pain.
93.80% 一般

#35 Author

Everything killed by a sentence
90.30% 一般

#36 Artist

I painted all the darkness blue while you were sleeping.
86.90% 一般

#37 Bus Driver

Who wants to travel to land of hope?
89.70% 一般

#38 Pianist

I had to be alone, entirely alone, if I wanted to play the piano.
89.40% 一般

#39 Nurse

Tell me a story, dad.
88.70% 一般

#40 Scientist

Everything you can achieve is actually science.
88.50% 一般

#41 Soldier

I lost you, like a soldier who lost his last bullet in a war.
98.90% 一般