Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

PS4《暗影狂奔:香港 加长版》中文奖杯列表

白1 金2 银13 铜45 总61 点数1425 2人玩过 

Shadowrun: Hong Kong - Extended Edition

白1 金2 银13 铜29 总45

#1 Shadowrunner

Collect all Trophies

#2 Shoot Straight

Successfully attack an enemy with a chance of less than 30% to hit.

#3 I Feel Great

Heal more than 30 damage in a single cast of Heal Wound.

#4 Wait For It...

Kill an enemy with damage over time

#5 Come Forth

Summon 5 spirits from places in the enviornment.

#6 (Don't) Conserve Ammo

Kill 15 enemies using an assault rifle.

#7 I Don't Have a Problem

Use 5 "combat stims".

#8 More Bullets, More Effective

Use Spray & Pray to hit more than two enemies with an SMG.

#9 Built for the Streets

Have every cyberware slot filled by an enhancement.

#10 Welcome to the Shadows

Die on the first mission.

#11 Welcome to the Sixth World

Kill 20 enemies with magic spells.

#12 Calling the Shots

Use the Mark Target Ability on 10 enemies.

#13 Little Helpers

Use drones to kill 15 enemies.

#14 Boom

Hit four or more enemies with an area of effect attack.

#15 Chunky Salsa

Kill 5 enemies with grenades.

#16 They're Not Worth It

Complete “City of Darkness” without any Yellow Lotus dying.

#17 Punching Deck

Steal paydata from a high security system.

#18 Ronin

Get Gaichu to join your crew.

#19 Just In Case

Get all pips while hacking a Blocker IC.

#20 Pinball Wizard

Hit three or more enemies with a bouncing magic spell.

#21 Wrong Order

Poison The Talon’s food in Shangri-La.

#22 Screw the Job

Kill one of Strangler Bao's Yellow Lotus in the Walled City.

#23 No Mercy

Killed the Plastic-Faced Man.

#24 Making Amends

Watch Raymond Black sacrifice himself to shut down the Fortune Engine.

#25 Hot Potato

Throw back three grenades with the Shiawase Loader Arm.

#26 Lessons Learned

Complete Gobbet's storyline.

#27 Memory Lane

Complete Is0bel’s storyline.

#28 I Don't Get Paid Enough for This

Get the last of the Tsang guards to let you pass after rescuing Raymond from Prosperity Tower.

#29 Seven Times a Ronin

Complete Gaichu’s storyline.

#30 Just a Pawn

"Spared the Plastic-Faced Man.

#31 Tastes Like Chicken

Drink some of the blood in Exit Stage Left, and eat some human flesh in Grendel.

#32 No Stone Unturned

Hit all data stores and the core system nodes in Prosperity Tower.

#33 Posthuman

Complete Racter's storyline.

#34 Walking Weapon

Kill 10 Enemies with Cyber-Weapons.

#35 By the Book?

Kill Gaichu in the Whampoa Gardens.

#36 Bagged and Tagged

Zip-tie 3 enemies with Duncan’s Subdue ability.

#37 Monster Squad

Have Gaichu and Ku Feng on your team during the final mission.

#38 Wouldn't Want to be That Guy

Have an enemy that is bleeding, on fire, and infected.

#39 Good Fortune

Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence.

#40 Pays for Itself

Skip 10 reloads with the Auto-Loader Cyber-Arm.

#41 God Puncher

Punch the final boss.

#42 Clear!

Stun 5 enemies with the Shock Glove or Shock Hand.

#43 It's Just One City

Make a deal with Qian Ya, the Queen With a Thousand Teeth.

#44 Pyrrhic Victory

Coerce Qian Ya into leaving this plane of existence, taking Raymond Black with her.

#45 Law Breaker

Run Maximum Law out of town or kill him.

Shadowrun Hong Kong Bonus Content - Part 1

白0 金0 银0 铜8 总8

#46 Street Justice

Killed the HKPF patrol to save the civilians

#47 A Pirate's Life for Me

Lay low with the Loho-Jowah pirates on the Benteng.

#48 Patient Zero

Steal a sample of the SARS III

#49 Rats! Rats! Rats!

Play Ratparty.sim

#50 Full Circle

Help Kindly relocate the Yellow Lotus to the Redmond Barrens.

#51 You're On Your Own, Kid

Don't side with Fuchi or Yamatetsu at the end of "DETENTION"

#52 Like a Powder Keg

Blow up a police vehicle in the motor pool

#53 Heavy Metal

Gain control of a Spider Tank

Shadowrun Hong Kong Bonus Content - Part 2

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#54 We're Both Professionals

Talk Krait into standing down.

#55 Home Again

Regain your SIN and return to Seattle.

#56 No Loose Ends

Leave Qiu to die.

#57 Together Again

Regain your SIN and return to Raymond in Seattle.

#58 The Promised Land

Gain access to the Police Station roof

#59 It's Called Being Thorough

Blow up all the police vehicles in the motor pool

#60 Behind the Curtain

Listen to all developer commentary

#61 Charmed Life

Complete Shadows of Hong Kong after taking Qian Ya's deal in the main campaign