白1 金8 银10 铜2 总21 点数1230 1人玩过 


白1 金8 银10 铜2 总21

#1 Exodemon

Unlock all trophies

#2 The Escape

Complete the game

#3 Highlander

Finish the game without dying

#4 Speeder

Beat the best time at every level

#5 FTL

Finish the game in less than 2 hours

#6 Strafe Master

Complte any level without taking damage

#7 Junior Explorer

Find all the items in any level

#8 Master Explorer

Find 5 weapons

#9 Fisherman

Kill 15 fish in one level

#10 Sharpshooter

Finish a level with 100% of accuracy without using melee attacks

#11 Primal Hunter

Kill all the enemies in one level only using melee damage

#12 Death From Above

Kill an enemy with a melee attack while airborne

#13 Alien Terminator

Kill all enemies in any level

#14 Alien Extinguisher

Kill 250 enemies

#15 Ridiculous Fishing

Kill a fish while it's flying from the pipe before it hits the water

#16 Unusual Sniper

Hit an enemy with a grenade from more than 100 units of distance

#17 Megaton

Kill 5 enemies or more with one grenade explosion

#18 Spawn Trapping

Kill an enemy with ranged attacks in less than 1 second after it spawns

#19 Not Orangeade

Get killed in the orange goo

#20 Thermal Bath

Take more than 20 damage from orange goo

#21 No Easy Way Out

Get killed on a bottomless pit