白1 金9 银6 铜3 总19 点数1215 56人玩过 容易  44.64%完美


白1 金9 银6 铜3 总19

#1 Knowing the whole world

Complete 100% of the game
80.50% 一般

#2 I can start from here

Activate a checkpoint and start your journey
94.40% 一般

#3 Compulsive buyer

Buy all shop upgrades
81.00% 一般

#4 The essence of the fallen

Defeat the first boss
82.80% 一般

#5 The end of the evil ancestor?

Defeat the second boss
81.60% 一般

#6 The true end of Darhûn

Defeat the last boss
81.20% 一般

#7 Traveller fox

Complete all levels
81.20% 一般

#8 King of challenges

Complete all challenges
81.00% 一般

#9 All our brothers came back!

Rescue all prisoners
81.00% 一般

#10 Swallowed by the darkness

Run out of fireflies
84.80% 一般

#11 Smells like scorched fox

Fall into lava
83.50% 一般

#12 The great grenadier

Kill three enemies at the same time with a seedbomb
83.20% 一般

#13 A rich in a forest

Accumulate more than 777 gems
81.70% 一般

#14 Hunting Queen forest sprite

Search and catch the queen forest sprite
84.40% 一般

#15 Hunting Queen cave sprite

Search and catch the queen cave sprite
81.90% 一般

#16 Hunting Queen tower sprite

Search and catch the queen tower sprite
81.30% 一般

#17 Shaklu Blessings

Get the power to fly
85.50% 一般

#18 Koljin Blessings

Get the healing power
81.90% 一般

#19 Torgha Blessings

Get the wildfire power
81.30% 一般