The Price Is Right

PS3《The Price Is Right》中文奖杯列表

白0 金0 银7 铜7 总14 点数315 6人玩过 普通  33.33%完美

The Price Is Right

白0 金0 银7 铜7 总14

#1 First win!

Win a pricing game.
83.70% 一般

#2 Party animal!

Play a Party game.
68.70% 一般

#3 Showcase must go on!

Win a Showcase.
82.90% 一般

#4 Safe!

End a show with no strike.
17.90% 珍贵

#5 Double Showcase!

Win a double Showcase.
15.10% 珍贵

#6 Money Maker!

$50,000 total winnings in one show.
40.40% 珍贵

#7 Suit up!

Create a complete custom character.
29.70% 珍贵

#8 Second round!

Complete 2 shows in a row.
12.20% 非常珍贵

#9 Big spin!

Score $1 in one spin at the Showcase Showdown.
44.00% 珍贵

#10 Legendary!

Get a price exactly right.
38.80% 珍贵

#11 Bid sniper!

Win 20 games of Contestants’ row.
13.80% 非常珍贵

#12 On the ball!

Put the ball in the hole from the furthest position.
36.30% 珍贵

#13 In the plink!

Drop the chip and land on the $10,000 slot.
44.40% 珍贵

#14 Price Master!

$200,000 total winnings.
5.10% 非常珍贵