白1 金5 银15 铜9 总30 点数1215 11人玩过 普通  36.36%完美

Space Hulk

白1 金5 银15 铜9 总30

#1 Savior of Mankind

Having Achieved The Highest Honors in Battle.
97.30% 一般

#2 Storm of Iron

Kill 30 Genestealers with the assault cannon.
97.00% 一般

#3 Pyroclast

Kill 6 Genestealers in one shot with the flamer.
97.00% 一般

#4 Sword of Retribution

Kill 20 Genestealers with the power sword.
97.00% 一般

#5 The Emperor protects

Survive 15 close combat encounters.
97.00% 一般

#6 Power of the warp

Kill 6 Genestealers with one psychic storm.
97.00% 一般

#7 Slayer of Monsters

Kill 5 Broodlords.
97.00% 一般

#8 Angel of Death

Kill 1000 enemies.
97.10% 一般

#9 There is only war!

Kill 40 000 enemies.
96.90% 一般

#10 Grant us the strength to prevail

Win close assault against Broodlord.
97.00% 一般

#11 Breacher

Destroy 20 doors with a Chainfist.
97.10% 一般

#12 Exemplar of the Codex Astartes

Complete a mission without using a single Command Point.
97.00% 一般

#13 Honor Your Wargear

Unjam a bolter 40 times.
97.10% 一般

#14 Red Thirst

Have a terminator kill 3 Genestealers in melee during one turn.
97.10% 一般

#15 Victory is nothing more than survival

Survive “Suicide Mission” without any casualties.
97.00% 一般

#16 Exterminator

Kill 10 Genestealers during one turn in the “Exterminate” mission.
97.00% 一般

#17 Watch the claws

Mission 3 - Pass the C.A.T. between at least three terminators.
97.00% 一般

#18 The purging flame

Mission 4 - Cleanse both rooms during the same turn.
97.10% 一般

#19 Our duty is done

Mission 5 - Escape with eight or more marines.
97.10% 一般

#20 Unbowed and Unbroken

Mission 6 - Wake all unconscious Marines and take no casualties.
97.20% 一般

#21 Relic Bearer

Mission 7 - The marine that picks up the artefact must be the one exiting the map with it.
97.20% 一般

#22 Honour is my shield

Mission 8 - Calistarius must survive.
97.10% 一般

#23 Stand together or fall alone

Exit the map with at least 7 marines in the "Regroup" mission, but not before all have been put into play.
97.10% 一般

#24 Stand against the tide

Let no terminators die during "Defend" mission.
97.00% 一般

#25 Sever the head and the beast will die

Mission 11 - Kill the broodlord.
97.00% 一般

#26 Light in the darkness

Escape with at least two Terminators before the end of the tenth turn in "Pitfall" mission.
97.00% 一般

#27 Forged in battle

Get all the mission specific trophies.
97.00% 一般

#28 Bronze Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!

Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on easy.
97.10% 一般

#29 Silver Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!

Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on normal.
97.00% 一般

#30 Gold Medal For The Emperor and Saguinius!

Finish the “Sin of damnation” campaign on hard.
97.00% 一般