Sakura Swim Club


白1 金9 银6 铜4 总20 点数1230 63人玩过 极易  85.71%完美

Sakura Swim Club

白1 金9 银6 铜4 总20

#1 Lovely Clubmates

Find everything there is to find about your swim club friends.
87.00% 一般

#2 Blue and White Stripes

Run into Mieko for the first time
98.00% 一般

#3 The two Terrors

Meet the two... terrors?
96.20% 一般

#4 No Shelter in the Storm

What a force of nature
93.80% 一般

#5 Glide through the Water

Watch and learn from Mieko
93.00% 一般

#6 Uplifting Splash

Listen to Hiromi's encouraging words
92.00% 一般

#7 Captivating Game

Watch Hiromi being ensnared by cables
91.10% 一般

#8 Even more Stripes

Run into Mieko for another accident
90.70% 一般

#9 Comfortable Learning Environment

Let Mieko get comfortable around you
90.20% 一般

#10 Found it!

Find the bathroom
89.80% 一般

#11 Getting used to it

Get into a comfortable learning environment
89.50% 一般

#12 Drenched

Let Hiromi dry off a bit
89.50% 一般

#13 Competition of Love

Get forced into a decision
88.60% 一般

#14 New Swimsuit

Let Hiromi show you her new swimsuit
88.40% 一般

#15 Fox in a Swimsuit

Let Mieko show you her new swimsuit
88.40% 一般

#16 Bunny Hiromi

Get suprised by Hiromi
88.20% 一般

#17 Settled Competition

Experience their closeness
87.70% 一般

#18 Perfect Dive

Watch the competition fall back
87.30% 一般

#19 Secret Santa?

Merry Christmas
87.00% 一般

#20 Wrapped Present

Receive your present
87.00% 一般