Batu Ta Batu

PS4《Batu Ta Batu》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银2 铜0 总14 点数1230 19人玩过 极易  78.95%完美

Batu Ta Batu

白1 金11 银2 铜0 总14

#1 Platinum

Get all the trophies
75.10% 一般

#2 Already a veteran

Play Endless 5 times
80.70% 一般

#3 Graduated with honors

Finish the Endless tutorial
93.20% 一般

#4 Go BIG!

Remove a 2x2 full grid Batu in Endless
91.50% 一般

#5 Big Bang

Explode a full grid Batu in Endless
87.00% 一般

#6 Party time!

Finish a multiplayer game the first time
80.70% 一般

#7 Bad delivery

Send 4 crappy Batus at once in multiplayer
80.20% 一般

#8 Bomb addict 1 Tips

Finish an Endless game with 0 bombs in the counter
81.90% 一般

#9 Making good money!

Earn the first 20 coins in Endless
89.20% 一般

#10 Bomb keeper

Get 30 bombs in Endless
80.20% 一般

#11 Getting serious

Reach 15000 points in Endless
78.50% 一般

#12 Gone shopping!

Unlock the game mode shop in the menu
88.70% 一般

#13 On the right track

Get perfect score in one level
85.30% 一般

#14 Going upstairs

Reach the "2nd floor" in one mode
81.90% 一般