PS5《MEGALAN 11》中文奖杯列表

白1 金9 银4 铜5 总19 点数1185 1人玩过 


白1 金9 银4 铜5 总19

#1 MEGALAN 11 Platinum

Good job! Completed all tasks!

#2 What next?

Finish repair of the essential base equipment

#3 They have pyramids too?

Find the pyramids

#4 Happy end

Successfully leave the planet

#5 Fistful of metall

Collect 500 repair parts

#6 Small pile of metall

Collect 2500 repair parts

#7 Spark between us

Use a taser

#8 Heavy burden

Fill the bag to the top

#9 FANtastic feeling of fresh breeze

Activate ventilation system

#10 Mission accomplished

It was a tough one, but you did it!

#11 Man down!

One member of crew is unconscious

#12 Who turned lights off?

Someone turned off your energy system

#13 Precautionary measures of first degree

Have three defense elements

#14 Precautionary measures of second degree

Have four defense elements

#15 Music lover

Collect all 4 music records

#16 Full power

Use all 3 energy elements

#17 Take a nap

Get an eight-hour sleep

#18 Viola!

Turn on the lights

#19 Trust the sixth sense

Find path to the local structures without communication cabin. Turn off the power