Quintus and the Absent Truth

PS4《Quintus and the Absent Truth》中文奖杯列表

白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13 点数1200 1人玩过 

Quintus and the Absent Truth

白1 金11 银1 铜0 总13

#1 Mouse Mystery

Unlock all other trophies.
64.10% 一般

#2 The Letter

Find the letter in the vent.
89.10% 一般

#3 The Key

Find the back door key.
86.90% 一般

#4 Chapter One

Complete chapter one.
80.40% 一般

#5 The Room

Unlock the archive room.
72.80% 一般

#6 The Studio

Enter the studio.
70.60% 一般

#7 Chapter Two

Complete chapter two.
69.50% 一般

#8 The Battery

Find the battery in the doll house.
67.30% 一般

#9 The Crack

Find the last crack.
67.30% 一般

#10 Chapter Three

Complete chapter three.
67.30% 一般

#11 The Gate

Open the gate to the graveyard.
66.30% 一般

#12 The Book

Search for a solution in the book.
64.10% 一般

#13 Chapter Four

Complete chapter four.
64.10% 一般