Dungeon Top

PS4《Dungeon Top》中文奖杯列表

白1 金5 银14 铜12 总32 点数1230 1人玩过 

Dungeon Top

白1 金5 银14 铜12 总32

#1 Ultimate Master

You have become a real master of Spellsword Cards

#2 Complete Tutorial

Learn to play the game and defeat the Mad Ogre

#3 Boss Slayer

Defeat the Boss of the first floor

#4 Second Boss Slayer

Defeat the Boss of the second floor

#5 Hydra Slayer

Defeat the Core Hydra

#6 The Chosen One

Defeat Thing From Beyond

#7 Rushdown

Have one of your minions attack the enemy hero on your first turn

#8 Ogre Plate

Deal 12 or more damage to a Large enemy with a single unit

#9 What's Counterplay?

Defeat an enemy on your first turn

#10 Fun and Interactive

Destroy three enemy minions on the enemy's turn

#11 Slim and turn

Defeat the Core Hydra with a deck consisting of six or less cards

#12 Bigger is better

Defeat the Core Hydra with a deck consisting of 30 or more cards

#13 Lunch break

Beat the game in 60 minutes or less

#14 Gotta go fast

Move your hero four times in the same turn

#15 Space Control

Fill the board up with your units, excluding the enemy hero

#16 Hold'Em

Have your entire deck in your hand

#17 Real Hero

Defeat a boss without summoning a minion

#18 Investment

Have at least 5 3-Star cards on your deck in a battle

#19 Destroyer

Destroy 3 minions in single turn

#20 Pop Off

Play 10 cards in a single turn

#21 Who let the dogs out?

Have 5 Hounds on the board at the same time

#22 Determination

Survive an encounter with 1 health and no minions on the board

#23 Feroucious

Reach Dungeon Ferocity 10

#24 Iron Wall

Have 5 or more block on your hero

#25 Up the Tempo

Beat the game in 40 minutes or less

#26 That's a lot of Boars

Get your hero to level 15

#27 Titanic Strengh

Get your hero's Power to 12 or above

#28 Magic Trick

Shuffle your deck three times in the same turn

#29 Rapid regrowth

Heal your units at least 15 HP in a single encounter

#30 True Power

Defeat Floor 3 without taking damage

#31 Harvestman

Destroy 5 minions in single turn

#32 Nightmare Master

Beat the game on Nightmare difficulty (Ferocity 15)