Saints Row: The Third

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白1 金2 银17 铜61 总81 点数1785 536人玩过 麻烦  15.11%完美

Saints Row: The Third

白1 金2 银10 铜38 总51

#1 Kingpin 2 Tips

Unlock all Trophies in Saints Row: The Third.
1.80% 极为珍贵

#2 Dead Presidents

Complete 'When Good Heists...'.
完成“When Good Heists...”。
89.30% 一般

#3 The Welcome Wagon

Complete 'I'm Free - Free Falling'.
完成“I'm Free - Free Falling”。
85.70% 一般

#4 We're Takin' Over

Complete 'We've Only Just Begun'.
完成“We've Only Just Begun”。
41.00% 珍贵

#5 Tower Defense

Complete Act 1 in one way.
Act 1最后选择其中一条路。
24.80% 珍贵

#6 Kuh, Boom.

Complete Act 1 in another way.
Act 1最后选择另外一条路。
22.20% 珍贵

#7 Gotta Break Em In

Complete 'The Ho Boat'.
完成“The Ho Boat”。
30.10% 珍贵

#8 I Heart Nyte Blayde

Complete 'STAG Party'.
完成“STAG Party”。
26.50% 珍贵

#9 kill-deckers.exe

Complete 'http://deckers.die'.
25.00% 珍贵

#10 Titanic Effort

Complete Act 2.
完成Act 2。
24.30% 珍贵

#11 Once Bitten... Braaaaaaains

Complete 'Zombie Attack'.
完成“Zombie Attack”。
23.40% 珍贵

#12 Murderbrawl 31

Complete 'Murderbrawl XXXI'.
完成“Murderbrawl XXXI”。
23.30% 珍贵

#13 Too Close to the Son

Complete Act 3 in one way.
Act 3最后选择其中一条路。
13.30% 非常珍贵

#14 Gangstas... In Space!

Complete Act 3 in another way.
Act 3最后选择另外一条路。
20.30% 珍贵

#15 Hanging With Mr. Pierce

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Downtown district.
完成Downtown district的所有支线。
6.60% 非常珍贵

#16 Mourning Stars

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the New Colvin district.
完成New Colvin district的所有支线。
6.60% 非常珍贵

#17 Hack the Planet

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Stanfield district.
完成Stanfield district的所有支线。
6.10% 非常珍贵

#18 You're the Best...

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the Carver Island district.
完成Carver Island district的所有支线。
5.40% 非常珍贵

#19 Bright Lights, Big City

Complete all City Takeover gameplay in the entire city of Steelport.
4.90% 极为珍贵

#20 Ouch. 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Insurance Fraud.
8.00% 非常珍贵

#21 Tune In, Drop Off

Complete all instances of Trafficking.
7.80% 非常珍贵

#22 And Boom Goes the Dynamite

Complete all instances of Heli Assault.
6.80% 非常珍贵

#23 Fence Killa 2011 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Mayhem.
7.10% 非常珍贵

#24 Your Backseat Smells Funny 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Escort.
6.90% 非常珍贵

#25 Double Dose of Pimping

Complete all instances of Snatch.
6.70% 非常珍贵

#26 Porkchop Sandwiches 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Trail Blazing.
7.10% 非常珍贵

#27 Go Into the Light 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Guardian Angel.
29.80% 珍贵

#28 Tank You Very Much 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Tank Mayhem.
9.50% 非常珍贵

#29 Have A Reality Climax 1 Tips

Complete all instances of Professor Genki's Super Ethical Reality Climax.
8.50% 非常珍贵

#30 Everything is Permitted 1 Tips

Kill all of the hitman Assassination targets.
4.60% 极为珍贵

#31 Hi-Jack It 3 Tips

Steal and deliver all Vehicle Theft targets.
3.00% 极为珍贵

#32 Getting the Goods

Find 25% of all Collectibles.
13.00% 非常珍贵

#33 Life of the Party 2 Tips

Find 100% of all Collectibles.
5.20% 非常珍贵

#34 Shake and Bake

Complete your first Challenge.
40.50% 珍贵

#35 You're My Hero! 1 Tips

Complete ALL Challenges.
2.00% 极为珍贵

#36 Ow My Balls! 1 Tips

Do your first nutshot AND testicle assault.
37.90% 珍贵

#37 Gender Equality 1 Tips

Play for at least 2 hours as a male character AND 2 hours as a female character.
9.10% 非常珍贵

#38 Bo-Duke-En 1 Tips

Hijack 50 vehicles - Dukes style.
30.20% 珍贵

#39 Love/Hate Relationship 3 Tips

Taunt AND/OR Compliment 50 gang members.
3.40% 极为珍贵

#40 Gellin' Like Magellan

Explore every hood in Steelport.
37.30% 珍贵

#41 Who Loves Ya Baby

Kill 50 brutes.
10.90% 非常珍贵

#42 A Better Person

Buy your first Upgrade from the Upgrade Store.
55.20% 一般

#43 Haters Gonna Hate

Kill 1000 Gang Members.
27.50% 珍贵

#44 Cowboy Up 1 Tips

Fully upgrade one Weapon in each slot.
6.20% 非常珍贵

#45 Pimped Out Pad 1 Tips

Upgrade one Stronghold to its full glory.
13.60% 非常珍贵

#46 Flash the Pan 2 Tips

Destroy all Gang Operations in Steelport.
5.80% 非常珍贵

#47 Third and 30

Spend over 30 hours in Steelport.
11.70% 非常珍贵

#48 Jumped In 6 Tips

Create and share a character online.
15.30% 珍贵

#49 Opulence, You Has It 1 Tips

Complete 'Party Time'.
完成“Party Time"。
51.50% 一般

#50 Stay Classy Steelport 1 Tips

Kill 25 Gang Members each with 'the Penetrator' AND the Fart in a Jar.
使用臭屁弹(Fart in a Jar)熏晕敌人然后再用情趣玩具将其抽死,累计25人。
4.40% 极为珍贵

#51 The American Dream

Customize 10 vehicles.
15.60% 珍贵

Genki Bowl VII

白0 金0 银1 铜9 总10

#52 Cooked To Perfection 2 Tips

Roast 50 peds with the car’s flamethrower (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).
在一局Super Ethical PR Opportunity中,用汽车的火焰喷射器烧死50个路人。
0.70% 极为珍贵

#53 Get Off My Back

Destroy 5 chase vehicles (in a single instance of Super Ethical PR Opportunity).
在一局Super Ethical PR Opportunity中,破坏5辆追逐的车。
1.80% 极为珍贵

#54 Stick the Landing

Land on Magarac Island (in Sad Panda Skyblazing).
在Sad Panda Skyblazing的任务游戏中,指定点降落。
1.50% 极为珍贵

#55 Cat on a Hot Tin Roof 2 Tips

Kill all of the rooftop mascots (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).
在Sad Panda Skyblazing的任务游戏中,杀死所有房顶上的吉祥物。
0.60% 极为珍贵

#56 Flame On

Fly through all of the rings (in a single instance of Sad Panda Skyblazing).
在Sad Panda Skyblazing中穿越每个火圈。
0.90% 极为珍贵

#57 Feeding Time

Throw 5 mascots into the water (in a single instance of Apocalypse Genki).
在Apocalypse Genki游戏中将5个吉祥物人扔进水里喂鲨鱼。
0.80% 极为珍贵

#58 Murder in the Jungle

Finish both instances of Apocalypse Genki.
完成地图中的两个Apocalypse Genki游戏。
1.80% 极为珍贵

#59 Storm the Yarn

Destroy a mouse ATV during Sexy Kitten Yarngasm.
在Sexy Kitten Yarngasm中破坏一个老鼠ATV。
2.70% 极为珍贵

#60 C-C-C-Combo Breaker

Cause $150,000 worth of damage in a single Sexy Kitten Yarngasm combo.
在Sexy Kitten Yarngasm中连击造成150,000$损失。
1.90% 极为珍贵

#61 Genki Bowl Champ

Complete all activity instances in Genki Bowl VII.
在Genki Bowl VII中,完成全部任务游戏。
1.30% 极为珍贵

Gangstas in Space

白0 金0 银3 铜7 总10

#62 I Do My Own Stunts 2 Tips

Land on the Parachute Target during the rescue scene.
3.40% 极为珍贵

#63 First Contact 1 Tips

Destroy all enemy spacecraft during the chase scene.
2.90% 极为珍贵

#64 Union Buster 1 Tips

Kill 15 cameramen.
2.10% 极为珍贵

#65 Xenaphobe 1 Tips

Kill Space Brutina.
3.30% 极为珍贵

#66 Lights! Camera! Action! 2 Tips

Collect all 6 hidden clapboards.
1.30% 极为珍贵

#67 Pew! Pew! Pew!

Kill 35 Space Amazons with the Laser Pistol.
2.70% 极为珍贵

#68 Warrior Princess 1 Tips

Kill 7 Space Amazons with melee attacks.
2.20% 极为珍贵

#69 Revenge of the Navigator 1 Tips

Destroy 10 enemy spacecraft with the Aegean while filming.
2.90% 极为珍贵

#70 Do a Barrel Roll! 1 Tips

Perform all vehicle stunts with the Aegean.
2.90% 极为珍贵

#71 C-List Celebrity

Complete all missions for Gangstas in Space.
2.90% 极为珍贵

The Trouble With Clones...

白0 金0 银3 铜7 总10

#72 B.A.M.F.

Defeat 15 enemies at Technically Legal using only melee attacks.
0.90% 极为珍贵

#73 Public Enemy #1

Destroy 45 Police and Swat Vehicles while protecting Jimmy's car.
3.90% 极为珍贵

#74 Weird Science

Complete mission 'Weird Science'.
4.70% 极为珍贵

#75 Eye of the Bee-Holder

Spray 25 rabid fans with the Swarmitron.
3.90% 极为珍贵

#76 Sting Operation

Destroy 5 Steelport Guard vehicles during mission 'Tour de Farce'.
3.70% 极为珍贵

#77 Tour de Farce

Complete mission 'Tour de Farce'.
3.70% 极为珍贵

#78 Supaa-Excellent!

Shoot down a helicopter with a Saints Flow fireball.
3.40% 极为珍贵

#79 Send in the Clones

Kill a Brute using only melee damage while under the influence of Saints Flow.
2.40% 极为珍贵

#80 The Johnnyguard

Prevent Johnny Tag from taking damage on the Magarac Bridge.
2.20% 极为珍贵

#81 My Pet, Monster

Complete all missions for "The Trouble With Clones..."
3.40% 极为珍贵